2007 Lo Mejor de Nuestra Musica Popular

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Banco Popular Special 2007 Lo Mejor de Nuestra Música Popular  

The 2007 special features 38 songs in 90 minutes taking you on a journey through 15 years of the Banco Popular Christmas season specials. With segments on romantic, humorous, Christmas and patriotic songs, as well as tributes to artists and collaborators no longer with us, you'll hear all that contributed to the success of this series and accounts for its indelible footprint in the popular culture of our Island.  

Some of the songs and artists featured:

"Querube" by Manny Manuel "Tu no comprendes" by Glenn Monroig "Décimas" by Antonio Cabán Vale
"Mañana por la mañana" by Olga Tañón y Plena Libre "El negro bembón" by Michael Stuart, Víctor Manuelle y Tony Vega "El niño Jesús" by Tony Croatto y José Feliciano
"Amanecer borincano" by Alberto Carrión y Lucecita" "Preciosa" by Marc Anthony "Villancico Yaucano" by César Hernández
La Cocaleca" by Chayanne