Puerto Rican Chicago

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Part of the Images of America Series is this neat volume on Puerto Ricans in Chicago. The series tries to look at the distinctive stories that shape the character of a community, preserving local heritage and making history accessible. These books are especially appealing because they focus on photographs - old ones and more recent ones to tell the stories of the people within the community. Beginning in the 1920s, Puerto Ricans began showing up in Chicago, studying at its prestigious universities and settling down to enjoy the bustle of the city in the relative calm and clean of the Midwest!

While Puerto Rican migration to Chicago peaked in the 1950s and 1960s, and despite the hardships of poverty and discrimination, the Puerto Rican community has thrived and prospered, making important contributions to politics, education, society and culture. The author, a Chicago native, has created a wonderful narrative to accompany the photos in this book. You'll pick it up time and again to enjoy a story filled with fiesta and orgullo.

By Wilfredo Cruz, English. Softcover, 128 Pages, 2004.