Memories of Puerto Rico 1985-2005

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In 1969, when Barbara Tasch Ezratty moved from New York to Puerto Rico, the island's population was about 2.5 million and things were booming. By 1985, the island's population had grown to about 3.5 million. Ezratty began her career in local newspapers at the time, writing about life in Puerto Rico while she and most of the other Sanjuaneros were experiencing it. This book is a collection of some of the articles and columns that she wrote over the next 20 years for three newspapers, a radio station, and a magazine. They reflect the vagaries of life during that time and even the previous 15 years; as Tasch Ezratty writes about everything from the culture shock on moving in, being a (sometimes) reluctant consumer, dealing with government agencies, the beauty of the island and with the passage of time, the joys and trials of being a well-known restaurant critical.

Softcover, English, 296 pages.