Puerto Rico in the American Century -A History Since 1898

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Puerto Rico in the American Century: A History Since 1898 by César J. Ayala and Rafael Bernabe offers us a comprehensive overview of Puerto Rico's history and evolution since the installation of U.S. rule. César Ayala and Rafael Bernabe connect the island's economic, political, cultural, and social past.

Puerto Rico in the American Century explores the history of Puerto Ricans in the diaspora as well as the island's residents, who experience an unusual and daily conundrum: they consider themselves a distinct people but are part of the American political system; they have U.S. citizenship but are not represented in the U.S. Congress; and they live on an island that is neither independent nor part of the United States.

Highlighting both well-known and forgotten figures from Puerto Rican history, Ayala and Bernabe discuss a wide range of topics, including literary and cultural debates and social and labor struggles that previous histories have neglected.