Trial Size Yaucono Coffee 4 oz.

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If you have never tried Puerto Rican coffee (Tsk! Tsk!), here's your chance to get a small amount and see if you like it. (You will!)

Our Trial Size bag holds 4 oz. It is the same super coffee we sell regularly in sets of four 10 oz cans (and we can hardly keep it in stock!) Find out why. This 4 oz. foil bag of our popular Yaucono coffee is the perfect way to try it before you graduate to the 10 oz can or the 14 oz bag. It will also makes a nice addition to a basket or assortment you might make at home.

Don't delay - Try it today!

Please note that though the company is Puerto Rican, the coffee may be grown in other countries, then roasted and blended on the island.