Doors of Old San Juan Place Mats (2 versions)

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his design comes in two different styles. A large single layer place mat and a smaller place mat with a backing. Both styles are 100% cotton and feature a design based on many doors in Old San Juan in brilliant colors.

The large place mat measures about 21" x 16".  Made by hand from an exclusive design printed on 100% organic cotton denim.  

The smaller place mats measure about 18' x 13", and the design is printed on 100% organic cotton and sewn with a cotton canvas backing.

Which should you buy?  If you have a large table or are only going to use a few (1-4) at a time, buy the larger ones.  If you have a small table, or are going to use many (6-8 or more) at the same time, choose the smaller ones.

Sold individually, so you can buy as many as you need.