Multi-color Coquis Fleece Baby Blanket (4 Sizes)

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The multi-color coqui blanket is new in 2022!  (Our fleece baby blankets also come pink or blue, in the same four sizes. Click here for the Pink Coqui Blanket. For the Blue Coqui Fleece Baby Blanket, click here.) 

The fleece we use for our baby blankets is thick, yet lightweight.  It is snow white on one side and features our exclusive design of Taino coquis on the other.  The edges of the blankets are sewn for decorative purposes as fleece is not a fabric that unravels.  We pre-wash the fabrics before we sew the blankets.

You can purchase the blankets in the following standard sizes:

Security (Lovey) 20" x 18"

Stroller Blanket 28" x 36"

Receiving Blanket 36" x 36"

Crib Blanket 56" x 36"

Please note that this pattern of multi-colored coquis is much smaller than the blue and pink coquis.  For scale, look at the picture with the lovey and the receiving blanket.  The individual photo is of a lovey (20" x 18").

All of these blankets can be used for purposes other than their names suggest, i.e. as a shoulder cover to protect against burps, in a playpen, or as a surface on which to change a diaper when the baby is not at home.

(If you would like a blanket with different dimensions, we are happy to make it for you.  Please call 787-722 -5188 for a price quote.) Please allow 4 weeks for shipping, as we procure the fabric and make the blankets based on an order. If you would like a sample of the fabric before you buy a blanket, please call 787-722-5188.

Questions or comments can also be made by emailing

To purchase this fabric from our supplier and sew your own creation, you can follow this link.