Cafe Cibales "Azul" Ground 12 oz Bag

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Cafe Cibales is an arabica coffee made by a cooperative of coffee farmers in Ciales, Puerto Rico, one of the island's most renown coffee growing regions. Local regulations permit coffee roasters to blend mature and unripened coffee beans to create the different and unique taste of each of their coffees.

Café Cibales Azul has a mix of 70% matured beans and 30% green beans. The higher the percentage of green beans, the stronger the coffee will be. Hence Cibales Azul is more delicately flavored than the Cibales Verde, but not as delicately flavored as the Cibales Premium (red bag).

Conversely, acidity is less the more green beans you have, so the Cibales Premium is more acidic than the Azul or the Verde.

Sold in a sealed metallic bag, 12 oz. Ground.

100 % arabica beans from Puerto Rico.