Saint Martin Wooden Figure

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This wonderfully expressive santo is carved and painted by José A. Orta Rivera of Ponce, PR (one of the 5 children of Don Domingo Orta who are carvers.) The piece is both signed and dated by the artisan.
The figure with the base measures just about 11" tall and is painted with a somewhat distressed look that is characteristic of this artisan.

St. Martin de Porres - Feast: November 3rd Born: 1579 -- Died: 1639 -- Canonized: 1962 St. Martin was born in Lima, Peru of Spanish father and African mother. As lay member of the Dominican Order he ministered to the sick and the poor. St. Martin led a humble and disciplined life and was devoted to the Eucharist. He was a close friend of St. Rose of Lima. He died 1639 A.D. St. Martin is the Patron Saint of Hair Dressers, Inn Keepers, and Social Justice.

There are actually 3 different Saint Martins but we chose this description based upon the attribute of the broom and his skin color.