12" x 12" Square Taino Symbol Pillows

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A small accent pillow for any room, but especially appropriate for a sunny porch or deck, here is one from our newest, exclusive, Taino symbols fabric.

Three designs to choose from:  One sports an orange symbol, we laughingly call "the pumpkin." One has an orange and blue symbol that looks like a singer, and the one has an original design with a coqui, the flag and a Taino Spiral within a heart.  They look great all together, don't they?

Get $1 off each when you buy 2 or more.

Rendered in watercolors, 100% cotton fabric, with poly fill.  Spot clean. 12" x 12". The backing fabric is white duck. Only from Isla!

Like the designs?  They are available in many fabric types, as well as made into more than 20 home products (sheets, tablecloths, curtains napkins and wallpaper, to name a few.)  You can purchase them here . You can also call us to ask about specific products or fabrics.