Coqui Stuffed Animal

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New Colors! This generously sized stuffed coqui doll is artisan-made from exclusive Isla fabrics featuring (what else?) Taino coquis! For display or play!

In addition to the brown and tan fabric, this stuffed coqui can be made in other of our exclusive fabrics.  Shown are two examples in pink coquis.  Also available in blue coquis, or in a multi-color pastel coqui design.

Each coqui will be slightly different.  For example, the button eyes and ribbon may be different colors. The size and shape and basic body will always be the same.

You may specify exactly the colors you want for the accents, because we will make your coqui to order.  Just allow extra time, and make sure that you CALL (787-722-5188) us to talk about what you want. You can also email, but make sure you get a response from us that we have seen and will heed your request.  Putting a note in the order online, is not a guarantee.  You must get a confirming call or email.

Important! This stuffed coqui is intended for children over 3 years old who do not put objects in their mouths. (The eyes are buttons.) You can request a version for a child under 3, where the eyes will be done through embroidery.  (Again, call or email and get a confirmation.)

Fabrics are 100% cotton, pre-washed. Stuffed with new polyester stuffing. We do not recommend machine washing, but spot cleaning with soap and water will work well. Do not dry clean!

To purchase any of the fabrics used to make this stuffed coqui toy, please call Isla at 787-439-5825 or go directly to this link to buy from our supplier.