Taino Tree Hot Pad/ Oven Mitt

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(Ok, so I know this is not a "mitt."  It is a hot pad.  But since we use hot pad to describe something that you can place a hot dish on, we wanted to be sure that you know that these can be used for to pick up hot pans and pots.)

Backed in red cotton, the hot pad/oven mitt is lined with a special fabric that protects your hands from extremely hot dishes (allowing you to take the lechon, or the turkey, out of the oven with ease). It will also protect your table or your buffet, from a hot dish ready to serve. 

Though the fabrics are 100% cotton and washable, we recommend care when washing the items due to the special filler. 

This festive fabric is an exclusive design for Isla.  If you would like to purchase it for your own projects, click here. (Isla's fabrics are printed for us by Spoonflower and we receive a commission on all sales.)