Large Vejigante Mask with 8 Horns

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Colorful papier mâché masks are part of Puerto Rico's carnival celebration. What an eye-catching and distinct addition to your home or office! Made by hand in Ponce, Puerto Rico. This, our largest size, has 8 horns and measures 16" across and 21" high.  The mask is signed inside by the artisan and includes a string to facilitate hanging.


Colors will vary from the mask shown in the picture.  If you have a preference, please state it.  Just a word of caution however: If you want specific colors, you may have to wait 3 weeks for a custom painted mask.  The price is the same, but wait time is extended.  If color is important, call us!  We'll tell you what is currently in stock and try to match as closely as we can the colors you want.

This item will be sent via Us Postal Service. We are now charging the actual cost of shipping on large delicate items. The shipping for this item is currently $120.  If you return the mask because you do not like it, shipping is not refunded. Of course the item will be insured, so we will replace it if it is damaged. (*Claim must be submitted.)