Wearable Vejigante Masks (Adult & Child Sizes)

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These colorful papier maché masks are part of Puerto Rico's Carnival celebration. What an eye-catching and distinct addition to your home or office!
Made by hand in Ponce, Puerto Rico.

These masks have elastic straps that go behind the head so that they can be worn with a vejigante costume. Most costumes have a hood that pulls up over the head to cover the straps.  (You can talk to us about costumes, too!)

Medium Mask 5 horns, 14" W X 15"H

COLORS WILL VARY! If you want specific colors, please special order by telephone 787 - 722-5188.  Pricing will be the same, but you must allow 3 weeks.

Shipping cost for the adult Mask is $80, for the child's mask, it is $40.  Shipping is not refunded for returns.   Items are insured. so if they are damaged in transit, tyhey will be replaced.