Quico el coquí y otros cuentos Book

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 “Quico the Coquí and Other Tales”, by Maribel T. De Suárez, is a vibrant children's book that will surely enchant all!

Included are four stories,  La Chiringa y el Volantín (The Kite and the Volatin), La Odisea del Rey Guanábano (The Odyssey of the King Guanabano), Quico el Coqui (Quico the Coqui), and Famosos Piratas Del Caribe (The Famous Pirates of the Caribbean).

In these unique stories, children of all ages will fall in love with its bold use of colors and story. Your kids will imagine themselves soaring with the kites, exploring the deep sea with the fishes, jumping high with the coquis, and sailing the open ocean with pirates. 

In Spanish, Softcover, 57 Pages.