Lo Mejor de Guillermo Portabales 16 Exitos

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You've heard the voice, you know the songs. This collection lives up to its name of "greatest hits" because it doesn't get much better than this "Guantanamera", "Cuando salí de Cuba" and "Lamento cubano" are just some of the guajiro classics featured in this collection. These are timeless hits that will always be in vogue.


Guateque Campesino, El Carretero, Flor de Amor, Así es mi Guajira, El Arroyo que Murmura, Yo Te Canto Puerto Rico, Cuando Salí de Cuba, Guantanamera, Trizteza Guajira, A la Orilla del Cauto, El Amor de mi Bohío, Lamento Cubano, La Sitierra, Romance Guajiro, Al Vaivén de mi Carreta, Amorosa Guajira.