MONA TESORO DEL CARIBE - Una Isla Bella, Mítica, Y Misteriosa

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"MONA: Treasure of the Caribbean" is an exploration of the history and natural resources of this beautiful little island between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. This your chance to see this little gem - a place most people will never get to visit.

Mona was a ceremonial center for the Taino Indians, who left pictograms and finger drawings on the walls of caves. In the early 20th century, guano was mined on Mona, and today professionals from many parts of the world carry out interdisciplinary research on sea turtles, iguanas, speleology, and archaeology. The island is a natural reserve managed by the Puerto Rico Department of Natural and Environmental Resources.

2017 DVD 80 minutes, Spanish, by Directed by Sonia Fritz.