2021 Ellas: Mujeres en la musica DVD

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Popular's latest musical special, Ellas, mujeres en la Musica, takes us through the story of "Ella", a woman who has lost her inspiration and finds it through stories and musical encounters with renowned Puerto Rican artists. Singers such as Lucecita Benitez, Milly Quezada, Ile, Melina Leon, Chamir Bonano, La India, Nydia Caro, Yolandita Monge, Son Divas, Chabela Rodriguez, Ana Isabelle, Villano Antillano, Didi Romero, and others, take us through a story about musical inspiration.

The musical special "Ellas; Mujeres en la Musica", is released as a DVD with one hour of music and interviews with female artists, talking about their experiences and the impact on them..

1. Fiebre (Fever) - iLe

2. Burundanga - Milly Quezada

3. Este pueblo tiene sabor - La India y Son Divas

4. Muchos quieren tumbarme - Villano Antillano

5. Mujer divina - Cheryl

6. Ya me canse - Didi Romero

7. Asi es mi tierra - Chabela Rodriguez y Chamir Bonano

8. Ella - Ana Isabelle

9. Se oyo en Borinquen / Desilusion - Lucecita Benitez

10. Everybody's Dancing Now - Melina Leon

11. Solina Solina - Nydia Caro

12. Esas no son de alli aka Cuchi�itos - Yolandita Monge

13. Nada - Isel Ro