Brazo Gitano

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This sweet cake is one of our most popular items! These are rolled sponge cakes topped with powdered sugar and filled with guava. We recommend that you either eat them or refrigerate immediately upon receiving or freeze them for enjoying later.

All rolls are 14 oz. The rolls are printed with an expiration date assuming they are not refrigerated. Guava rolls will last for over a month. Order them when you need them, remembering that we ship them on Thursdays and they need 3-5 days to arrive from Puerto Rico depending where you are in the US. Call and talk to us if you have questions!

A single order gets two rolls of the same flavor. Guava is definitely the most popular. Great as a dessert, amid-morning treat with coffee, an afternoon "tea" snack - or as a gift! Throughout the year we receive Brazos Gitanos once a week.