Mug Rug

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A mug rug? Yes! It is like a little place mat for your mug and a bite to eat. Use it everyday when you're enjoying a cup of coffee, tea, or hot cocoa. It can also be used for an afternoon snack - or even that evening glass of wine!

Ours are about 11" x 7" and made from 100% cotton fabrics. (You know what that means? You can wash them!)

I make these with a collage of my own fabrics with coordinating fabrics from my scrap basket. Each one is unique, and it is almost impossible to make two alike - I just make them on a whim when I want to sew, but have no project in mind yet.

They are grouped them according to the dominant color. No two will be the same, so yours may not look exactly like the image seen here. (If that is important to you, please call us or send us a message. )

We got very excited about these little mats. They are a pretty and useful gift just by themselves, but you can combine them with a coordinating napkin as the basis for a delightful gift set. They can also be used as coasters at a party, on the dresser, on the night stand, even on a desk at the office!

Be sure to look through the "Additional Images" to see more examples of the different colors.